Peter Christian is taking vacation and we hope he has a great time! Meanwhile, however, the show must go on. Here's what to expect....

On Monday's edition of Health Talk we will speak with plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Marsha about everything from carpal tunnel syndrome and reconstructive surgery to Botox and cosmetic surgery. At 9, we will shift the show into an open phones edition of Talk Back.

On Tuesday, we will speak with former Montana Department of Revenue Director Dan Bucks about the current state of Montana's coal economy and what he believes should happen going forward.

On Wednesday, it is Political Science on the Radio day with Montana Political Science Professor Rob Saldine, to talk about March Madness in the political primaries. We should have the results from the two winner take all primaries (Florida and Ohio) and know at this point whether or not Donald Trump is a lock for the nomination. Bob Seidenschwartz will guest host.

On Thursday, we will have a half hour of open phones, and then speak with Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Thane. Sue Orr will help guest host.

On Friday, we will close out the week with a bit of open phones and a discussion with Hal Gillett from the Shriners about the Shrine Circus and the work of the Shriner's Hospitals. Kathrine Haldorson will help guest host.