27 year-old Bryan Groehler is in the Missoula County Jail on $75,000 bond after allegedly beating a woman and another man with a heavy object in retaliation for her cooperation with the FBI in an investigation into an acquaintance that Groehler had met in the Missoula County Jail.

Court documents indicate that the beating took place on September 10 at a residence in Missoula when Groehler confronted the female victim outside and stated ‘Bitch, I’ll kill you’, and began beating her with a heavy wooden object.

Another man attempted to stop the attack and was also injured in the incident.

Groehler fled and was eventually apprehended after being identified by the female victim from a photo shown to her by police.

A $250,000 warrant was issued for Groehler’s arrest and he was taken into custody in late October.

At Groehler’s Missoula Justice Court appearance on Friday, November 9, Deputy County Attorney Mark Handelman asked Judge Landee Holloway for $100,000 bail on two felony counts of Assault with a Weapon.

“This defendant indiscriminately started beating a woman, and continued to beat her after she fell to the ground face-forward,” said Handelman. “Another man intervened and he was also assaulted. The defendant continued the assault until he ran away, and the State had to issue a warrant for a quarter of a million dollars to pick him up.”

Handelman pointed out that Groehler was classified as a Level Three offender, meaning he is at the highest risk of fleeing or reoffending.

Judge Holloway set bail at $75,000 and ordered Groehler to have no contact with either of the victims. He was remanded to the Missoula County Jail.



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