34 year-old Michael Murray of Washington State is being held on $50,000 bond after allegedly leading law enforcement of a high speed chase from Montana into Idaho and placing many lives in danger.

Deputy County Attorney Mark Handelman relayed the details of the incident on Wednesday in Missoula Justice Court before Judge Landee Holloway.

Court records indicate that at the original traffic stop, Murray was a passenger in the vehicle, and appeared to be under the influence ‘with glassy eyes and a dazed look on his face’.

“It is alleged that this defendant led officers on a high speed chase through Missoula, out to Alberton, back to Highway 12 and into Idaho,” said Handelman. “During the pursuit he reached speeds of 116 miles per hour and nearly collided with several pedestrians and almost hit a school bus head-on while traveling the wrong way down the interstate.”

Court records state that Murray was clocked at 78 miles per hour over the Scott Street Bridge, passed a motorcycle on Russell Street at over 60 mils per hour, accelerated to 80 miles per hour on Railroad Avenue and 90 on Broadway. He was clocked doing 116 miles per hour while fleeing on Interstate 90.

Handelman said law enforcement made several attempts to the Cadillac Escalade that Murray was driving.

“Numerous attempts to deploy spike strips failed and the defendant also blasted through a construction zone in Idaho and nearly ran over a construction worker,” he said. “At the time of this offense, he was on felony probation out of Washington. Given his willingness to flee from law enforcement especially while in felony probation and then cross state lines while nearly running over multiple people shoes he is an extreme danger to the community and a severe flight risk.”

Judge Holloway set bond at $50,000 and ordered Murray to his initial appearance on October 24.

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