43 year-old Corey Kendall is in the Missoula County Jail on this Good Friday on $50,000 bond for allegedly supplying a 17 year-old girl with methamphetamine and attempting to remove Facebook posts that could have been used against him as evidence.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks provides details of what allegedly occurred on Wednesday morning at an apartment complex near Westside Lanes.

“On April 12th, 9-1-1 received a call from a young woman who said she was being held at gunpoint,” said Marks, “There was a man there who provided a license plate number of the other car involved. There were reports from neighbors of a gunshot, and that matter is under investigation. There were apparently a number of people and vehicles involved in that situation.”

When authorities arrived, the young woman, later identified by Missoula Police as 17 year-old Lacey Moore, was no longer at the apartment complex.

“In an effort to locate her, detectives traced her phone number and obtained her identity. The information was released to the media in an effort to locate her,” he continued. “There was a tip that Mr. Kendall was involved and provided her with methamphetamine. They tracked him down and interviewed him. He admitted being in a relationship with her and they were subsequently able to locate her.”

Marks detailed the charges against Kendall.

“He denied supplying her with methamphetamine, but admitted to helping her obtain it, so that’s the basis of the endangering the welfare of a child complaint,” he said. “After he was arrested on that charge, he attempted to get family members to remove communications on Facebook between himself and other people, including the young woman involved.”

Marks personally charged Kendall at his justice court appearance on Friday afternoon, asking Judge Landee Holloway that Kendall be held on $50,000 bond.

“I would inform the court that Mr. Kendall has a prior felony conviction from 2011 for criminal possession of drugs with intent to distribute,” he said. “Interestingly, that case also involved allegations that he was providing drugs to a 16 year-old girl who he claimed was his girlfriend.”

Kendall is now in even more trouble after a deeper investigation into the incident.

“Since the filing of this complaint this morning, your honor, detectives have been conducting searches relating to this investigation,” he said. “They recovered a loaded handgun from Mr. Kendall’s car, and a distribution level of methamphetamine from the motel room that he was allegedly sharing with the 17 year-old female.”

Judge Holloway set bail at $50,000, and ordered Kendall returned to the jail with another appearance scheduled for April 28.

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