58 year-old Daniel Eichenlaub is in the Missoula County Jail on $25,000 bond after allegedly threatening the lives of his family members and hiding their bodies where they could never be found.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Carrie Garber informed Judge Alex Beal of the charges of felony intimidation and misdemeanor stalking.

“The defendant, who has a long history of meth use, thinks that his brother stole his handgun and his bow in 2020, even though his father and other family members have verified to law enforcement that those items were returned about two years ago,” said Garber. “Despite that, however, the defendant has been calling and leaving threatening voicemails for at least the last two months, and as we can see he is shaking his head ‘yes, he has’.”

Garber said Eichenlaub’s threatening voicemails were also a concern for his family.

“The gist of the voicemails is that he wants his gun and bow back, and that he's going to beat the --- out of his brother every time he sees him until they are returned, even though in the real world they were returned two years ago,” she said. “He then showed up at his brother's workplace and attempted to engage him in a confrontation. His brother sought help from the manager who asked Eichenlaub to leave and escorted him out.”

After the confrontation at the workplace, Garber said there were even more threatening messages to come.

“The defendant then followed up this workplace invasion by leaving more threatening messages,” she said. “Both his father and mother expressed that their fear level is a level 10 out of 1 to 10, and that he has admitted that he has made threats, and thought it was okay to make threats of physical violence to your family members. The clear threats here are that he intends to cause bodily injury and dispose of their bodies so that they can never be found.”

Despite the fact that Eichenlaub clearly has no monetary means, Garber still requested a high bond for the sake of the family’s safety.

“Based on that, Your Honor, we are requesting a $25,000 bond,” she said. “We would like pretrial supervision, and we'd like GPS monitoring to prevent him from being anywhere within 1,500 feet of a certain address on Highway 200 East or another address on Mullan Road. We're asking that he be allowed to have absolutely no contact with the family members who are at issue in this case.”

Judge Alex Beal questioned at first that due to the violent nature of the threats whether $25,000 bond would be enough, however he did set bond at $25,000 and if Eichenlaub is released, he will be placed directly on pretrial supervision.

He was returned to the Missoula County Detention Center.


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