59 year-old John Mulligan appeared before Judge Landee Holloway on Thursday after allegedly threatening several people with a knife, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Court documents indicate that Mulligan threatened workers at the Town Pump at Mullan and Reserve and also two waitresses at Perkins Restaurant with a knife on Wednesday night, threatening to kill them. He also refused to leave the premises and used loud and profane language, while appearing to be high on drugs at the time.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke asked Judge Holloway for $50,000 bail.

"The defendant is charged with two counts of felony assault with a weapon," Koepke began. "The defendant told a waitress at Perkins 'you're going to (expletive) die tonight  and used other profane language to describe her."

Koepke said Mulligan has a very long and varied criminal history that spans several states.

"Judge, we do believe he is a very dangerous man who needs to remain in custody," she continued. "His criminal history dates back to the 1980's from Montana, Alaska, Colorado, and Maryland.His record includes assault, weapons charges, trespassing, and burglary with more than 40 arrests. He has two failures to appear and one flight to escape. He also has two assault with a weapon charges in 2014 in Missoula involving other transients who ended up in the hospital.The State believes that he has severe addiction problems that he has no intention of addressing. Because of his recent assaults and his terrible history of not obeying probation conditions, we do believe the high bond is warranted."

Judge Holloway set bail at $25,000 and ordered Mulligan to appear in court again on October 6.

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