The Missoula Police Department had relatively few new felony cases last week, but that didn’t slow the pace at the Missoula County Attorney’s office where 19 cases were handled.

“All in all, we had one administrative crime: obstructing a police officer,” said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. “There were three new drug crimes, one was a meth case and two were opioids. There were two felony DUIs and four crimes against persons.”

Almost half of all the cases were property crimes.

“There was a burglary that occurred in a vacant home, the suspect allegedly fled on foot,” Pabst said. “Four theft cases, two of which involved stolen cars, one of the stolen cars was driven into a pillar and crashed. Three were two embezzlement type cases. There was an employer misconduct case, which was unusual.”

Pabst said the odd thing about that employer misconduct case, was that the employer had failed to get worker’s compensation coverage for the employees

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