A man with admitted anger management issues appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Tuesday to face charges of assault on a minor.

32 year-old Shawn Bickley faced a felony count of assault on a minor, as described by Deputy County Attorney Caitlin Williams.

“This defendant is charged with felony assault on a minor after he picked up his six year-old stepson by the neck, threw him on the bed and held him there,” said Williams. “The child complained of head and neck pain the next day in school and he disclosed to staff that his stepfather, the defendant, has assaulted him.”

Williams went on to state that Bickley admitted his wrongdoing.

“This defendant was arrested and admitted to the same offense,” she continued. “He does have a previous felony conviction, and according to his criminal history he had multiple warrants issued for the other charges, and indeed was picked up on a warrant when he was arrested here. He has acknowledged that he does have anger issues and the State feels that bond is warranted.”

Substitute Justice of the Peace Darla Keck questioned the $10,000 bail, stating she thought it should be significantly higher considering the serious nature of the offense, but complied with the State’s recommendation for $10,000 bond.

Bickley expressed sorrow and regret for the incident and asked the judge for help in receiving treatment, 'so that it never happens again'.

Bickley must have no contact with the home or the child and receive treatment for his anger issues.

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