Photo from American Red Cross

Three hours north of Billings, across the Missouri River and tucked away near the Little Rocky Mountains the community of Hays, Blaine County, are receiving the benefits of the Red Cross presence in Montana. Nine Red Cross volunteers are providing food for more than 200 victims of the recent floods in Hays and Lodgepole three meals per day as they plan their recovery after the Little People’s Creek came rushing out of Mission Road Canyon.  The small stream, turned rushing river, tore culverts in roads and the saturated ground exacerbated mold problems in many homes creating very dangerous living conditions.  The damage to the community infrastructure may affect whether the tribal nations can participate in their upcoming traditional ceremonies.

 The Red Cross volunteers sleep in a staff shelter in Lodge Pole and serve the meals to residents in both the Hays and Lodge Pole communities.  Food is brought up by an Emergency Response Vehicle every three days.  The food is purchased in Billings and cooked by Red Cross and local volunteers on Ft. Belknap.

A positive result of the flooding is the relationship being developed between the Red Cross and tribal members.  The Red Cross is in discussion with tribal members about leaving a supply of cots and blankets in the community and providing them with disaster response  training  to ensure their community is prepared for future emergencies. 

Story from the American Red Cross