Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is flatly denying the false rumors from sources like Politico that he is about to leave his post in the Trump Administration over alleged ethics violations.

Zinke, appearing on Townsquare Media’s ‘Montana Talks with Aaron Flint’ on Friday emphatically denied the allegations.

“I do my job and I disregard the B.S.,” said Zinke, the former Montana Congressman and Navy Seal Commander. “This comes from the same liberal reporters that have lost their ability to tell the truth. Anonymous sources, and here’s one for you. I’m about to become head of the new Space Command, how’s that one?”

Zinke said certain aspects of the media have just one mission, to attack anything and anyone tied to President Trump.

“There’s even media groups in Montana that have nothing better to do, and the entire organizations are dedicated to attacking Zinke, right?”, he said. “They invent a story and they try to sell it, and it goes all the way up to the Washington Post or the New York Times. There’s no truth to it, there’s just a series of allegations as reported.”

Zinke took a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of the Department of the Interior under his leadership.

“We’re now the world’s top oil and gas producer,” he said. “We’ll never be held hostage again to foreign nations for our energy, nor will we have to send our troops overseas to fight for energy. Our safety record off shore is breaking records and just the list of accomplishments in less than two years is unprecedented.”

Flint also broke the news on Friday that Zinke has no plans to run for Governor of Montana.

“You can hear it first on your show,” he said. “I am not going to run for governor, we have some exciting candidates that I will support. I'm gonna continue doing this job, and doing good things. I love Montana. What a great state- what God's blessing has given Montana.  But I am not gonna run for governor. I think there are some great candidates out there and I look forward to supporting them.”

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