Need another reason to hate your boss? New research shows more than three-quarters of managers will take a summer vacation, while only 65 percent of their underlings will do the same.

Job-search site CareerBuilder found that although full-time employees are slightly more likely to take a vacation this year than in 2011, they’re still a lot less likely to do so now than they were in the halcyon days before the recession set in — back then, 80 percent of workers used some of their vacation days for a summer break.

When asked why they were foregoing time off, almost one in five respondents said they couldn’t afford a trip, while 15 percent said they their workloads just wouldn’t allow it. In addition, nearly a quarter of workers said they’d stay home while their families went away without them.

“Managers may be more likely to afford vacations, but they should still be encouraging their employees to use paid time off, even if they are staying close to home,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. “Workers who maximize vacation time are less likely to burn out and more likely to maintain productivity levels.”