Just before noon on Wednesday, April 18, police made an arrest that is starting to sound very familiar in Missoula: an individual caught using drugs while on probation. Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh explains.

“The call was a response to a resident in the 3700 block of Stephens Avenue,” Welsh said. “At about 11:51, 28-year-old Lawrence Daniels was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia. It started out with probation officers doing a home visit. They found narcotics in the residence.”

The particular drug found by the parole officers in this case will also sound familiar to Missoulians.

“The substance discovered was later determined to be methamphetamine,” Welsh said. “The probation officers discovered what is commonly referred to on the street as a fix kit. Basically it is a small kit that holds paraphernalia used to ingest the narcotics and the narcotics itself.”

On top of the parole violation and a misdemeanor charge for the "fix kit," Daniels now faces a felony drug possession charge for the methamphetamine.

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