Families heading to Yellowstone National Park this weekend can expect to see an increase at the gate.

"Yellowstone, like other parks in the national parks in the system is having a slight entrance fee increase," said YNP Public Information Officer Jody Lyle. "Starting June 1, it will be $35 per vehicle to enter Yellowstone National Park for seven days. It was previously $30 per vehicle, so it's a five dollar increase."

The increase at Yellowstone is among the highest in the National Park System. According to Lyle, they also expect to see a ramp-up of visitation soon.

"We are gearing up for another busy summer. Visitation in Yellowstone has been increasing by about 40 percent over the past decade," Lyle said. "We are year-to-date down this year compared to last year, but we are expecting to make that up during the busy season. Our busiest months are June, July, August and September."

July typically has more visitors than any other month. Lyle says recently they’ve seen more visitors in the May and October shoulder seasons as well.

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