Yellowstone National Park officials are asking the public to help them decide if a new quarantine system for brucellosis-free bison is a good idea. Park spokesman Al Nash explained why the idea is under consideration.

"It would allow us to remove bison from Yellowstone and make those brucellosis-free bison available for conservation, to support the culture and nutrition of Native Americans, and in doing so, reduce the number of bison that might be shipped in any given year due to processing," Nash said.

When asked if any of the new quarantine locations might be in Montana, Nash said this…

"We've not identified any particular area at this time," Nash said. "We realize a quarantine facility could be built inside of Yellowstone. It could be located, say, on tribal land, or it could be located in some other area. This is part of what we're seeking public input on."

The public comment period on the bison quarantine idea will continue until September 12.