Megan Taylor who has supported the Community Fly Tying nights joined in on the fun. She has recently taken up classes at the Life Long Learning center on fly fishing. It was no surprise she was a natural and caught a lot of fish and big ones too!

The gentlemen who took us name is David Huffman and he is a local guide through Grizzly Hackle and probably one of the more fishier dudes I have met. He knew where all the fish were, he had unique techniques and not only taught us each differently but he had obviously done this before with many tricks and tips.

In February and it was in the low 40's where we were, I had just been on a stretch days before with 65 degree weather in Corvallis. The fishing was great and I can't wait to take what I learned from Dave and use it on the river again. Keeping that elbow in and not stripping when I set.

You can find this fishy guy here and he books up for the summer so spend the money and take a guide is my best advice. It was really a day I will never forget on the water I don't think.

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