Routine inspections of local business parking lots on North Reserve led to a drug related arrest on Wednesday night, November 28.

"At about 11:00 p.m. an officer was conducting extra patrols in the parking lots of businesses in the 3400 block of North Reserve Street when he observed a vehicle parked in the back lot of a business, occupied by two people," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The officer made contact with the people, identified them both and developed suspicions that the two had been engaged in drug activity."

Although both of the individuals were suspected of drug activity, the officer only arrested one of them based on some methamphetamine found in the car.

"He asked for and was granted consent to search the vehicle and the officer located items of drug paraphernalia and illegal drugs before placing Roxanna Smith under arrest, she is 37-years-old and a Missoula resident," Welsh said. "The male was identified, however the officer was unable to develop probable cause for an arrest."

Smith was on probation at the time, so will also be facing a felony probation charge along with the felony drug possession charge. Smith has struggled with meth addiction and run-ins with the Missoula Criminal Justice system for many years: in 2013 she received another felony probation violation when she was caught bringing meth with her to a probation hearing.

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