50 year-old Debra Harp was released from custody after having posted a $1,000 bond in September after allegedly assaulting a disabled woman and stabbing her with a barbecue fork.

Harp was arrested on a $20,000 warrant on Wednesday, after the alleged incident that occurred on September 3rd, Labor Day weekend on Zaugg Drive in West Riverside. The defendant told Judge Marie Anderson in Missoula Justice Court on Thursday, that she was arrested by sheriff's deputies and was told to appear in Justice Court, where she said her husband paid a $1,000 bond and she was released from jail on what she said were misdemeanor charges.

At her justice court appearance, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Amber Henning asked for Harp to be held on $20,000 bail, due to the serious nature of the charges.

"The charges involve the defendant attacking several people, including one woman who was somewhat physically disabled due to several strokes," Henning said. "The defendant then strangled this victim to the point of unconsciousness, stabbed her with a barbecue fork, and hit her in the face with a full can of beer."

The defendant's husband said she had been attending counseling since the incident and was receiving treatment for alcohol abuse.

Judge Anderson accepted the bond that had already been paid of $1,000, and Harp was released. She will appear again on October 27.

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