The Associated Press reported that an interesting bill is moving through California State Legislature.

A Democratic Assembly member, Kevin McCarty, pushed a bill through a legislative committee to ban tackle football for children under 12 years old. Though it still faces multiple steps to come to fruition, it's a noteworthy first step amidst an evergrowing conversation about the dangers of football.


Last year there was a study conducted by Boston University finding tackle football to be risky for kids 11 and under.

California, a more liberal state, is gathering some steam behind the movement, but would Montana, a state that loves its football, ever get behind this?

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Without a pro football team, Montana still prides itself on tossing the pigskin around. That pride stems from the college teams - Montana and Montana State - and seeps into the small-town communities. From my experience and exposure to small-town Montana (or small-town anywhere, for that matter) it seems inconceivable that Montana would enforce a law to ban youth football on any level. However, the California bill would eliminate just tackle football, not all football.

Football and organizational sports in general are clearly proven ways to keep kids out of trouble. This bill is not taking away the ability, it is simply saying that we're going to move from tackle football to flag football and we can still have the same learning experiences." - California Assemblymember Mike Gipson

Credit: Ben Hershey (Unsplash)
Credit: Ben Hershey (Unsplash)

If it was just tackle football, like the bill suggests, then that might have a slightly higher chance at passing in Montana.

But I doubt it...

Let us know your thoughts on the California bill to ban tackle football for kids 12 and under. Would you support it? Vote in the poll below.

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