Whitefish Mountain's ski season this year might just be one for the books. While ski season might be drawing to a close, Whitefish Mountain spokeswoman Riley Polumbus told NBC Montana that weather has played a huge factor in this year's success.

"The fact that we started off almost 100 percent open and with Hellroaring Basin open for the first time ever on opening day, all which boded well for us," Polumbus said. "It's just good on how we got the word out on how good the snow was. People showed up and so it was really good."

Skiers at Whitefish Mountain told NBC Montana that the conditions have been above average this year, especially considering that it's April.

"We broke our single-day record as far as most skiers in a single day, which was a record that was set last year and we beat that record," Polumbus said. "Plus we had four days over 7,000. We've never done that before, but we're on track to make this a record breaking season as far as skier visits go."

According to NBC Montana, Whitefish Mountain has consistently ranked near the top in the country for amount of snow on the trails.

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