Water levels continue to rise around Missoula.

Jen Kitzmiller with the National Weather Service in Missoula says the Clark Fork River continues its rise over flood stage.

“Rivers continue to run high all across western Montana,” said Kitzmiller. “The Clark Fork River above Missoula continues to be a big concern for us. Overnight, it has gone up to 12 feet, so it’s actually risen a little over a foot in the last 24 hours, which is pretty impressive. We’re still expecting it to crest a little over 13 feet, to nearly 13 and a half feet by Friday.”

Kitzmiller said other area rivers are also rising.

“The folks up at Seeley Lake are still having issues, especially on the south side of the lake with some cabins being surrounded by water and having flooding,” she said. “The Blackfoot River near Bonner has now gone to flood stage, and much of the Bitterroot River is well on its way to approaching flood stage, as well, all the way through the Bitterroot Valley and up into Missoula.”

Over 800 homes in western Montana are receiving evacuation warnings by Missoula county sheriff’s deputies.

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