Montana gas prices shot up again this past week,June 4, but Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan believes the upward trend may be almost over.

Montana continues to see gas prices going up, up about five cents a gallon in the past week, DeHaan said. "Prices currently averaging $2.95 a gallon, which is right where the national average is. Montana usually lags changes in the national average, so prices may continue inching up for the next one to two weeks, but after that, I think Montana will have seen prices catch up to that movement in the national average."

The cost of gas varies wildly through the northwest, generally getting cheaper as you head East and more expensive as you head west.

"In Missoula, well Costco is $2.95 and everyone else is at $2.99 a gallon, but you go to Great Falls and prices are quite a bit lower, down around $2.72 a gallon," DeHaan said. "Idaho is averaging $3.19 a gallon. If you go to Washington State you'll be dealing with prices right at $3.45 a gallon."

Though gas prices have been rising, DeHaan says oil prices have been dropping substantially and will could lead to lower gas prices soon.

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