The individual responsible for firing a rifle several times from a porch on East Beckwith  Avenue on Wednesday will be charged after an investigation has been completed.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings provided what details he could on Thursday morning.

“First, I just want to thank our law enforcement agencies in this community for have such a rapid and appropriate response to that situation,” said Jennings. “I was very glad to hear that nobody was hurt, but nonetheless this was another very frightening incident in a neighborhood in Missoula. This person was taken into custody. We were referred the charges today and they are under review for us to charge at the earliest time that we could do so.”

Jennings said the investigation into the incident went deep into the night on Wednesday.

“Law enforcement was working around the clock over about the last 24 hours and they’ve referred a case to us and it’s under review by one of the prosecutors in our office,” he said. “As we review those reports we will put together charging documents and submit them to the judge. We’re likely to submit a warrant for his arrest and continued detention, and we will get this matter before the court as expeditiously as possible.”

For matters of medical privacy Jennings could not reveal the identity of the suspect, but that will be made public when the charges are filed.

It is not known at this time what charges the suspect will face. However, felony criminal endangerment is a possibility.

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