On Tuesday, March 17th, the people of Missoula will holds a rally in support of the city’s attempt at acquiring the mountain water company. a citizen of Missoula, Hermina Harold urges people to come to this rally and celebrate these actions by the city.

"It's going to be March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day, so hopefully people can take a break from drinking beer to come down and try to stand up for their local water," Harold said. "It's at the county courthouse on the front lawn and that is at 200 West Broadway. We will also have music by local cowboy Chris Sand."

Harold believes that the company owners intentions are not pure.

"The price will never go down again and it's just been going up," Harold said. "We know that Liberty Utilities has already told its investors that they will increase profits by 44 percent over the next five years, so there's no way that our prices will be going down under private ownership."

Some of the civilian groups that support the University of Montana’s climate now group, free cycles, university of Montana’s take back the tap, and the Montana student activism division.