Next Thursday, September 6, President Trump will join a short list of just eight U.S. Presidents who managed to make the trip out to Montana more than once during their time in office. Only two other Presidents have visited Montana twice in the same year: Ronald Reagan in 1982 and Lyndon Johnson in 1964. According to Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany some internal polling on the Senate race between Jon Tester and Matt Rosendale is part of why Trump scheduled that second trip.

“The NRSC, that is the Senate Committee of the Republican party, has found that Jon Tester is actually trailing Matt Rosendale by two and that is contradicting public polling,” McEnany said. “It is exciting news and it is part of the reason President Trump is going there to hold a rally in Billings, Montana. It could be that game changer to solidify that new lead for Matt Rosendale. It is a very winnable seat.”

Trumps last appearance may have bent public opinion in favor of Rosendale. A Gravis poll taken before the visit had Tester leading by eight points, a Remington Poll after the visit had Tester leading by just three points. McEnany says the internal poll which has Tester behind by two points is more reliable.

“In Florida, the internal polling of its DeSantis campaign and Republican data shows the DeSantis winning so public polling had it a lot closer of a race,” McEnany said. “Internal polling does tend to be more accurate. Matt Rosendale in internal polling is ahead by two percentage points. That of course is within the margin of error. We would like to see that lead increase and that is part of the reason the President is going to Montana for that rally.”

If Trump decides to come back to Montana a third time before November he will be the only sitting U.S. President to ever visit Montana three times in one year and only the second to visit Montana three times at all, a record held by President Theodore Roosevelt.

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