We cleared our schedules and donned our light sabers last Thursday for the #allstarwars marathon!

Once we learned that many of our DJ colleagues had never once seen a full Star Wars movie we decided it would be best to sit them down and allow them a chance to see what all of the excitement was about.

Here's what a couple of our Star Wars virgins had to say about the experience:

"Surprisingly, I was hooked within the first 15 minutes of (A New Hope) the movie. I could see myself getting into this..." said Billy Jenkins (KYSS and 107.5 Zoo FM)


"This is so dumb. I can't believe you even made me sit down and try to watch this stuff. Nope." said Sarah Yovetich (KGVO and 107.5 Zoo FM)


"This is the 3rd time this week I've seen the original trilogy!" said (me).


"You could not pay me enough to watch this" said Angel (96.3 the Blaze), who walked out before the opening scenes.

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