The Missoula Food Bank is one very big step closer to their financial goal of completing their new facility to be located at Catlin and Wyoming streets.

Executive Director Aaron Brock said their fundraising began about five months ago.

"Yesterday, we received a donation of $300,000 from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation," Brock said. "We've now topped the $2 million mark, and we are thrilled and grateful. We're building a new and bigger facility, with the emphasis on bigger, at the corner of Catlin and Wyoming. There's actually a construction crew out there right now doing clean-up on that property and we will be starting construction, fingers crossed, here in the next couple of months."

Brock said a larger space will mean more than just room for more food.

"We do not have the infrastructure to serve our clientele on many days, and so what that means is long wait times," he said. "If you can imagine people with social anxiety or PTSD being in a crowded waiting area, and how prohibitive that is. The first thing is just to make a larger space so we can serve more families."

KGVO listeners and viewers of our website can donate by visiting the Missoula Food Bank website.

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