The sign on the Union Club door read 'Anti-Gianforte press meeting two doors down and up the stairs'. 

The Missoula Democratic Council held an 'anti-Gianforte' meeting on Thursday afternoon just hours before newly-declared Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte was to hold an event, also downtown.

Three leaders of the Missoula party headed the meeting, holding nothing back as to why the party faithful in attendance should shun the Bozeman entrepreneur as being out of touch with Montana. State legislators Kimberly Dudik and Andrew Person, along with party chairman Dave Kendall addressed the small, but partisan crowd.

Kendall started by praising the Democrat incumbent Steve Bullock.

"Greg Gianforte can't be running for governor because of the economy," Kendall began. "Under Governor Bullock, our economy is doing just fine, thank you. It can't be because of our state budget, it's balanced, and that kind of success doesn't happen by accident, it takes good leadership, the kind we have under Governor Bullock."

Representative Andrew Person used a football metaphor to compare the two men.

"Here's the deal on attacking Governor Bullock on the economy," Person said. "It makes about as much sense as attacking Peyton Manning for not having enough experience in the post-season. J.P. Morgan describes Montana as the most fiscally prudent state in the country.We should be proud of our economy and keep up the success."

Representative Dudik said Gianforte will attack many of the social issues that Democrats hold dear.

"He's criticized seniors for taking Social Security, saying that the concept of retirement is not biblical," Dudik said. "He also opposes a woman's right to make her own medical choices, and the right to ensure her own bodily integrity. Greg Gianforte has a record of working against all equality, such as our LGBT community, and has spent over a million dollars campaigning against anti-discrimination ordinances in our state."

Dudik closed the meeting by stating 'Greg Gianforte is not right for Montana, and Steve Bullock is."