Have you ever taken a look at an animal and wondered what it would be like to spend a day as that creature? I know I have. It seems that every time I have harvested an animal in the fall, I always take a moment to admire the animal. I always think to myself, how many amazing sunrises it must have seen. How many weird encounters it got itself into. How many beautiful landscapes did it witness?

Just imagine what it would be like to spend a day as a wolf.

Researchers with Voyageurs Wolf Project recently tried to get a glimpse into the life of a wolf. They did so by attaching a Go-Pro camera to a lone wild wolf. The camera was set to take a 30-second video at the beginning of every hour of daylight. Meaning they only ended up with 7 minutes of video every day. But, they still managed to capture some really cool footage.

According to the Voyageurs Wolf Project YouTube Channel

What is particularly fascinating is that this wolf (V089, a lone wolf) knew how to hunt and catch fish. He can be seen eating 3 different fish, which were all killed and consumed at the same spot along the Ash River. Based on the amount of time this wolf spent in this spot, it is clear this wolf killed more than 3 fish.


Even though it appears that the wild wolf's beard needed a slight trim, the footage is great. You can experience life as a wild wolf, from a wolf's point of view.

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