Next Thursday, February 2, the Veterans Administration will be holding a special Town Hall presentation at the Missoula Public Library. VA Public Information Officer Mike Garcia says the event will run between noon and 2:30 and all are invited.

"We invite all veterans, family members and the general public if they have questions about VA services or want to learn more, please join us that day," said Garcia. "We will have a healthy representation of VA staff program managers as well as local community service providers who may have services to offer veteran's in the area."

Garcia offered a special invitation to those in the health care industry.

"We also would like to invite any local healthcare providers that either might be interested in providing healthcare to our veterans or have already done so and have questions," Garcia said. "We will have a pretty robust representation of the various billing offices as well as members of our executive leadership staff. Any local healthcare providers that have questions about providing healthcare to veterans in the community, they are more than welcome to join us."

According to Garcia, the rules regarding who can receive VA services have changed quite a bit over the years and says veterans of the Vietnam War in particular may be able to receive VA services even though they may have been denied access to the VA in the past. Eligibility specialists will be on hand to help handle these cases too.

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