On Friday, Missoula police noticed a familiar face downtown and decided to ask some pertinent questions when they noticed 33-year-old Kale Lachance, who was supposed to have registered as a violent offender after being convicted on assault charges in 2009.

"On Friday night, November 2nd at about 6:25 p.m.,  officers recognized a male walking into a casino in the 1200 block of west Broadway," said Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh. "They had prior knowledge of the the offender and knew that he was a registered violent offender. They then went into the casino and confirmed his identity before taking him into custody for failing to register as a violent offender."

In 2007, a witness saw Lachance smash out the window of a car in town and confronted him. The female witness was reportedly hit in the face several times by Lachance. Lachance was then confronted by the vehicle owner’s son, whom he reportedly also hit repeatedly and even broke the son’s jawbone. Because of the extreme nature of the violence, Lachance required to register with the state as a violent offender, but failed to keep his registry up to date as of his arrest this past week. Failure to register is a felony offense.

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