University of Montana student athletes did more than just participate in sports and studies in 2012-13. Athletic Director Kent Haslam also stressed the importance of serving the Missoula community. And they responded, logging over 700 hours of service.

"When I first got the job, I laid out a vision that included academics, athletics and service to the community, but putting together a cohesive plan that tracks what we do is something that I'm very proud of and want to make sure that we continue to do," Haslam said.

Student athletes are free to pursue activities and causes that are important to them, and many times they can include efforts by the entire team.

"A lot depends on what the individuals are passionate about, or service can come through team activities," Haslam said. "We may get requests through our academic services department, so it depends on the individual, the team or whatever projects the student advisory council want to take on. We like to take part in activities that benefit young people in the community, and the department as a whole focuses a lot on breast cancer, cancer awareness and raising consciousness about wounded warriors. But, the students have a lot of fun helping grade-school or middle-school kids that they can serve as role models for."

Haslam said there are times when he has to remind the student athletes to balance their activities.

"We can't bite off too much," Haslam said. "Let's make sure we're all running in the same direction and doing all the things that need to get done, but our coaches have been very supportive and have always made that be a basis for what they want to teach."

University of Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam