This afternoon, Missoula County Deputy Ross Jessop received a major award from the United States Department of Justice. Deputy Jessop received the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service in Policing. Deputy Jessop is one of 19 law enforcement officers and deputies receiving this prestigious award from across the country.

“Deputy Ross Jessop is being recognized for his action and dedication to duty in saving the life of a kidnapped baby. In July 2018, the Sheriff’s Office received a call about a man with a gun who had fled in a vehicle with his girlfriend’s infant son. One hour later, the suspect appeared back on the scene without the baby. The suspect said he had killed and buried the baby, but his irrational statements led investigators to search for the missing child. During Deputy Jessop’s search in more than a million acres of forest, he heard a faint whimper and found a baby boy lying face down. To his surprise, the baby was alive and uninjured. There is no question Deputy Jessop’s instincts, perseverance, and dedication saved the child’s life.”

Tomorrow, Senator Daines will be meeting with Deputy Jessop in DC to congratulate him and to thank him for his tremendous service to Missoula and Montana. Daines said, “I’m extremely proud of Deputy Jessop for receiving this high honor from the United States Attorney General. Deputy Jessop’s service has made our communities safer, and I am forever grateful for his commitment. I look forward to congratulating him tomorrow!”

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