All of this February snow is causing the city of Missoula to spend a lot more money than expected on deicing and snow removal. Missoula Street Superintendent Brian Hensel says he tacked on another 60,000 dollars of extra expenses just today (February 25).

"Right now, on my winter materials budget, we're probably over by about $70,000," Hensel . "It's kind-of one of those things where we don't really have a choice. We have to serve the public and go out and deice and plow, there's not a lot that anybody can do about it."

Hensel fears that all of the snow may drive up costs again when it leaves.

"With all of these large berms at the side of the curbs, they'll come into conflict with all of the storm drain inlets and freeze, then we can end up with all of the pooling and flooding in town," Hensel said. "Then, if it starts to freeze, we'll not only have all of the flooding and pooling, we'll have all of the potholes coming out. That can happen in just a day."

Hensel budgeted around 211,000 dollars for deicer this year, but, so far, the city has already purchased nearly 300,000 dollars worth.


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