The University of Montana edged out other Montana Colleges to become one of the nation’s top ten “Colleges with Beautiful Campuses” in a study done by the Great Value Colleges website, which also compared the value of education at each institution.

"The University of Montana was ranked number eight, in terms of Universities offering a great value on education and in a beautiful setting," said University of Montana Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr. "That really plays toward what we think our strengths are, which is, the quality of education, the quality of the faculty, and the experiences in and outside of the classroom."

The rating pooled a number of different aspects of UM life. As far as the scenery is concerned, the study praised the ponderosa pines on Memorial Row as well as the famous M-trail, other points were awarded more systematically.

"They awarded points to institutions based on affordability, as well as various kinds of awards and recognition each school had received, as well as all kinds of other features from beautiful architecture to student enjoyment," Kuhr said.

While UM was ranked eighth, Montana State University came close and ranked 33rd in the study. University of Montana Western, in Dillon, ranked 32nd.