Over the past few days, officials with the University of Montana have been continuing their long-standing 'We Are Montana' tour, to visit communities across the state.

Communications Director Paula Short said this week the were on the road to Billings, Bozeman and Great Falls.

"On every stop, we meet with local legislators, high school counselors and prospective students," Short said. "So, it's just an opportunity for us to get the word out about the great things that are happening here at the University of Montana."

Specifically, Short said President Royce Engstrom was excited to share the news about the largest ever single gift pledged to UM.

"We shared the news about the $24 million gift from the Franke family, that was obviously very exciting," she said. "This time around, we were traveling with the deans from the Davidson Honors College, the dean of the college of Biomedical Science and Health Professions, as well as the new dean of the business school, Dr. Chris Shook."

Short said the new vice president in charge of enrollment, Tom Crady, was also on hand.

"His part of the tour was also a centerpiece, and that was talking about enrollment and some of the new initiatives that he's rolling out here on the UM campus," she continued. "It was also good for Dr. Crady to hear from guidance counselors about how the University of Montana was doing in reaching out to students of local high schools."

Short said the tour will also head to the Flathead Valley and to Helena this fall.