University of Montana associate professor Justin Angle has been honored with a regional Murrow Award for his ‘Fireline’ podcast.

KGVO News reached out to Professor Angle who described the ‘Fireline’ podcast.

“I think we're one of 14 regions where this award is given and that means we’re in the running for a national award," said Professor Angle. "This is based on the Fireline podcast, which is a six episode narrative podcast about wildfire. What it means for people living in wildfire prone lands, what it means for the planet and what it means for how we move forward as a species on this planet.”

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Angle said he shares the honor with several collaborators on the Fireline podcast.

“I work with editor and producer Nick Mott, a Peabody award winning podcast maker, journalist, and just incredible talent here in Montana,” he said. “He's worked on the ‘Threshold’ podcast, he worked on ‘Richest Hill’. He also does freelance reporting for a variety of outlets, including MTPR. Victor Yvellez started on the project as a journalism student here at the University of Montana. And we use this project as kind of a as a senior internship for him or practicum, if you will, and Victor has gone on to great things. He's now a full time producer at National Public Radio's Throughline podcast.”

Angle took the opportunity to acknowledge the financial sponsors of the ‘Fireline’ podcast.

“Our key supporters are the University of Montana College of Business and Montana Public Radio,” he said. “We have great support from some of our community partners right here in town, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services; Montana Properties, the real estate arm of Berkshire Hathaway, First Security Bank, Blackfoot Communications, The Trailhead, and United Way of Missoula all provided us with monetary support.”

The National Edward R. Murrow Awards will be presented in New York City on October 27.

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