The University of Montana Foundation had another record year. Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communication’s Melissa Wilson explains how much money UM received.

“The foundation has had a tremendous year for the University of Montana,” said Wilson. “This year we have set a record of $53.67 million in private support for the University. Over the past three years, fundraising has significantly ramped up having us reach $53 million for the last three years in a row.”

Wilson says she was surprised when she learned that the donors weren’t just alumni.

“The donors are a mix of graduates from the University of Montana and also just friends of Montana and the University itself,” Wilson said. “I always thought it would be primarily alumni, but the state and the culture of Missoula just bring people out and really seeking ways to help the University thrive.”

The UM Foundation had originally set a goal for $45 million, but they surpassed that by more than $8 million.

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