The United States is involved in multiple high-profile trade deals right now, among them is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (or TTIP) with the European Union. Mark Kent works for the British Embassy in Washington and argues that passing TTIP could be a boon for Montana.

"We concluded a page on Montana specifically and it's not certain, sadly, but it's an estimate of the economic impact for Montana," Kent said. "It suggested that exports that you could increase by 20 percent, just under, so 19 percent also. It suggested that also could boost net employment by a little over 2,000 jobs."

One of the focuses of TTIP is to get rid of trade barriers between the EU and the U.S., at the top of the chopping block is tariffs.

"Just looking at some of the way," Kent said. "."

Although Kent and others are advocates for the trade deal, others, including this year’s leading presidential candidates have signaled their skepticism. For their part, both of Montana’s Senators have hinted support for the negotiations.

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