Two wildfires in Montana continue to increase in size. The Sliderock and Little Hogback fires are approximately 25 miles southeast of Missoula. Fire Information Officer Carmen Thomason says lower humidity and higher temperatures are playing a large role in the expansion of these two fires.

“Sliderock was estimated to have gone from 170 to 186,” said Thomason. “The Little Hogback went from 18 acres to 429. Part of it is yesterday the temperatures really increased. The RH recovery unfortunately just hadn’t been very good overnight and was in the teens for the day yesterday.”

According to Thomason, recent thunderstorms with little rain and lots of lighting are making it difficult to control these fires.

“Unfortunately, both of those fires right now are at 0% containment.” Thomason said. “I would hazard to guess to say that it is going to stay that way for a while just based on the rugged terrain. They are trying to use some natural features such as rock slides and rocky outcroppings to get in and increase the containment.”

Thomason predicts that the fires will not be completely out until snow begins to fall. Two type 1 elite teams and air resources are being used to try and put out these flames.

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