Missoula Police have located two suspects that have been questioned over the shooting of a large window on Clark Street.

"There were two juveniles that were detained and interviewed after a residential window was shot out in the 3100 block of Clark Street," said Missoula Detective Captain Mike Colyer. "We believe they were responsible for that damage. They were not taken into custody and were released to their parents."

The window on Clark Street was shot out on Tuesday night, October 11,  but there are many cases of windows being shot out in Missoula this year.

"There were dozens [of broken window cases] throughout the summer that kind of went silent as the summer ended," Colyer said. "Those kind of fell off and then this one popped up as a little bit of an isolated event just last night. We will look and see if this incident is connected to those others and try to connect those cases."

Because the suspects in this case are not adults, their case will likely be handled in juvenile court. Because the window was valued at over $1,000 the case is being considered a felony.