Two young men out on a beer run ended up having a run-in with Missoula law enforcement on Monday night, May 15. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, the incident began after a convenience store clerk noticed one of the suspect’s not-so-subtle attempt to steal a box of beer.

"[The suspect] apparently ripped part of the outside covering of a box of beer and cans began cascading out onto the floor," Welsh said. "The suspect began trying to pick up the cans of beer and the employee confronted him, when another suspect came up and shoved the employee to the ground. The two got in a vehicle to leave, however, before they left the parking lot, they apparently struck another car."

Police later received a noise complaint from the bowling alley on Wyoming Street where a vehicle was blasting music, when police ran plates on the suspected car they found evidence of the theft from earlier on in the night and went inside to confront the suspects.

"[Police] attempted to escort the two males outside to continue the investigation, both males began to actively resist the officers and one of them had to be placed on the ground  where he continued to resist and yell at the officers until such time as he was placed into handcuffs. As both of the individuals were walked outside they continued to be uncooperative."

One of the suspects is a juvenile, the other is listed as 18-year-old James Zawlocki, who is being charged with Resisting Arrest, Obstructing a peace officer, Disorderly Conduct and Assault with a bodily fluid.

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