Donald Trump Jr. is weighing in on two major Montana elections, boosting candidates Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale, while accusing Senator Jon Tester of being a liar and a lapdog.

In an exclusive interview with KGVO News Trump Jr. was quick to discuss the confirmation process for Supreme Court Judge Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In the past, the Tester campaign has claimed the White House canceled Tester's meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, a claim they later corrected in an interview with Lee Enterprises reporter Tom Lutely. After praising his father for an improving economy, Trump Jr. accused Tester of lying about the Kavanaugh meeting cancellation.

“We are doing a great job,” Trump Jr. said. “My father is crushing it when it comes to these things [the economy] and all these guys want to do is block all of that. The big thing right now obviously is the Supreme Court, Jon Tester said that he was having a meeting scheduled with the White House regarding the nominee and then he cancelled the meeting saying he had other stuff and there was no other meeting scheduled. It is just a lie, it is all games and it is all politics. I think the people of this country are sick of it and I think especially the people of Montana.”

Trump Jr. went on to accuse Tester of being a fraud and the largest recipient of lobbyist campaign contributions in the senate.

“Jon Tester pretends he is this homebody,” Trump Jr. said. “He is the number one recipient of lobbyist campaign contributions in the Senate. He plays the act very well, but that is what they do: they play the act at home and then they go to DC and act like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog.”

Trump Jr. also responded to a campaign/concert poster that was at the Missoula Pearl Jam concert, designed by Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament. The poster featured both of the Montana U.S. Senate candidates and a dead President Trump being picked-at by a bald eagle.

“I think it is disgusting,” Trump Jr. said. “I think if the reasonable people of the state of Montana saw that happen during the Obama administration and someone of that sort of notoriety, I am not talking about some crazy person that does something negative because you are going to see that on both sides no matter what, but if someone of that notoriety did that about Obama there would be outrage everywhere. The media would cover it this way and the liberal elite would go crazy. You do it about Donald Trump and it is crickets.”

Trump Jr. did not know if his father would come to Montana a third time before the end of the year, but says he will be coming out himself to Montana at least twice before the end of the year... once to "hunt political seats before the mid-term" and then again for a late season big game hunt with his kids.


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