Townsquare Media’s own front-desk Debbie was able to witness an arrest by the Missoula Police Department first-hand on Saturday as she participated in the Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy.

"I got to do a ride-along on Saturday night with officer Christian Cameron and he was polite and so informative," Debbie said. "When I first met him, we got out in the patrol car and he told me that there had been a truck theft and Noon's on Russell, the suspect was on video, so we had pictures of the truck and pictures of the suspect."

The suspect was familiar and had apparently been arrested for shoplifting not too long ago. According to Police spokesman Travis Welsh, she was well known for hanging out at the mall where the stolen truck was quickly located.

"The officer observed a male and female walking out to the vehicle from the mall itself. He made contact with the two and identified them as 20-year-old Ingrid Cady and 35-year-old Anthony Santamaria, both subjects were placed under arrest.  Mrs. Cady was arrested for theft of the vehicle, she had in her possession what is described as meth, marijuana, and prescription drugs."

Cady received seven charges all-together, five of which were drug related.

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