Icy roads last Friday appeared to be the cause of a tragic accident in Polson. Polson Police Captain Alan Booth said the accident was actually the result of a faulty emergency brake on a nearby homeowner’s vehicle.

"He lived across the street from the lake there and his driveway is a steep incline so he set the e-brake," Booth said. "It was a truck that he had recently purchased, he set the e-brake because it's a manual transmission, but then it just rolled out."

The vehicle kept on rolling, and Booth said no one was injured.

"Parked in the driveway, he went out to warm it up, the emergency brake didn't hold and it slipped out down the driveway and into the lake," Booth said. "Nobody in the car at all, got it towed, pulled it out of there and it went to the shop."

It is unclear how much expense the accident totaled.

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