In the latest installment of our food/drink rankings, we look at the best pizzerias in Missoula according to Yelp reviews.

To recap, we looked at the best breweries in each Montana city a few weeks ago. For the foodies out there, we highlighted the best bakery in each Montana city as well. Last week, we listed the best bars/breweries in Missoula specifically.

It's safe to say we've been on a food & beer bender.



This week, we're honing in on pizza. How many times have you had "bad" pizza? Sure there's pizza that's not as top-quality as others, but how many times can you truly, honestly say "That was bad pizza"? It doesn't happen often to me. I'll eat pepperoni, sausage, chicken, Canadian bacon, peppers, spinach, pineapple, onions, marinara, alfredo, buffalo sauce or just cheese. It doesn't matter to me because I am a 'za lover for life.

I don't make a good food critique, because I love all pizza pies. Leave it to the professionals, err, the Yelpers. This list compiled below is the Top 5 highest-rated pizza restaurants in Missoula. This list won't cause any opinions to flare up (sarcasm). 

Criteria: There have to be more than ten reviews to qualify.

5. Pie Hole (3.9/5)

Vibes at Pie Hole are immaculate 24/7, well almost 24/7. They close at 3am which is still incredibly gracious on their part. Not many options to eat out late in Missoula, so everybody say "thank you" to Pie Hole for filling our late-night cravings. Plus, their potato & bacon pie is scintillating every time.

4. Bridge Pizza (3.9/5)

Missoulians are lucky to have two Bridge Pizza locations - one on Brooks and one on the Hip Strip. Whichever location you select, just make sure to add that spicy Wustner Brother honey to your 'zaa.

3. Highlander Beer (4.3/5)

Hey, this qualifies. Highlander may be a brewery first, but you best not sleep on their pizzas. By the way, how do y'all feel about jalapenos on pizza? I am a big fan, so the post above had me salivating.

2. Biga Pizza (4.6/5)

This entry is my nitpick. Not because I dislike it, but because I LOVE me some Biga.  One could argue that Biga Pizza should be number one on the list. Its 4.6 score is only .1 behind the top-rated pizza joint and has 564 more reviews. I think Biga is the best joint in Missoula based on its popularity, but I play by the rules and the pizzeria with the highest score on Yelp is....

1. Front Street Pizza (4.7/5)

Front Street Pizza checks in numero uno with a 4.7 score. Even though Biga's reviews were more plentiful than Front Street, I will not take away from the grade-A quality of Front Street Pizza. Y'all worked hard for this top spot and I commend you for it. Keep spinning those pies, boys and girls.

There's the list. What did Yelpers get wrong or right? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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