It has been so much fun this year showcasing how beautiful Western Montana is through our 'Big Sky View' videos. There are still lots of places that we would love to capture video footage from around Montana, hopefully we can do lots more in 2017. As of now here are my Top 5 Big Sky View videos of 2016.

  • 1

    Beautiful Big Sky View of Lolo!

    My absolute favorite Big Sky View is one based in Lolo. Not only because that is where I live, but look at the gorgeous views displayed in this video!

  • 2

    Big Sky View of Missoula

    The reason I chose this video as my second favorite is because it was the first 'Big Sky View' that was ever created. These first shots blew me away!

  • 3

    Big Sky View of Seeley Lake

    Seeley Lake is definitely a fun place to enjoy some relaxation time, and a hot spot for all Montanan's because of how beautiful it is. I love the over the water view shown in this video!

  • 4

    Big Sky View of Frenchtown

    Often times people overlook how amazing the views are out in Frenchtown, but the people that live there understand it is second to none.

  • 5

    Big Sky View of Martel Mountain

    This video is the highest elevation shot we have accomplished so far during our Big Sky View series. If you want to see what it's like on top of a Montana mountain look no-further.

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