The era of setting aside a full day to go to the Missoula County Courthouse and wait in line for perhaps hours to register a vehicle, get a license plate or pay vehicle fees and taxes may be coming to a close.

KGVO News spoke to Shyra Scott, Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer Director explained the new enhanced cue system available via text to county residents.

“Yes, we're very excited about it because it gives constituents the opportunity to manage their schedule with regards to getting their motor vehicle service or property deeds recorded or property taxes paid,” said Scott. “They can log into this queue remotely either on our website or by texting the word, Missoulaclerk to our phone number here 406-285-7490.”

Scott explained how the system will work to engage customers.

“It'll ask you a few questions about how we can provide service to you and what sort of transaction you're trying to accomplish,” she said. “It'll ask you to put in your name and then it will text you updates with how long your estimated wait time is. It'll let you know when you're next in line and it's time to hustle down to the courthouse.”

Scott said the system will enable customers to more easily plan their visit to the courthouse.

“If you decide to take a more leisurely lunch or take your time getting down to the courthouse, it'll allow you to move yourself in line,” he said. “So if you're not going to make it you just text back to that phone number and say I want to move back myself back and it'll slide you back 5,10 or 15 minutes so that you can not worry about making it down here in time.”

Scott also emphasized the fact that many online options are still available.

“There are still some options to conduct transactions online,” she said. “You can pay your property taxes online, as long as...they're not delinquent. If they were not delinquent, you can pay your property taxes online. You can also do renewals. If you're just doing a motor vehicle registration renewal, that can be accomplished online, and you can request birth and death certificates online, as well.”

Click this link to access the new online queuing system.

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