Outgoing Montana Attorney General Tim Fox was presented this week with the most prestigious award presented by the National Association of Attorneys General, the Kelley-Wyman Award.

Fox described the purpose of the award.

“I'm ending my term as president of the National Association of Attorneys General and have been a member of that organization during my eight years as Montana's Attorney General, and every year my colleagues pick one Attorney General to receive an outstanding Attorney General award for the person who has contributed greatly to the mission of our association and to the advancement of attorneys general offices across the country,” said Fox.

Fox was traveling with his brother on Friday and spoke to KGVO about the unusual way in which he received the award.

“I was having my last business meeting with my colleagues virtually in my basement,” he said. “Unbeknownst to me, they had arranged with my Chief Deputy Attorney General Jon Bennion to ship the award to him and then he called my wife and secretly was upstairs waiting for the nod from the association staff to come downstairs and actually hand me the award,”

Fox deflected any credit for the award to his staff and to the people of Montana.

“I'm the first Montana Attorney General ever to receive it and proud of what Montanans have allowed me to do with them because this is an award that recognizes all those who have helped us do good work at the Montana Attorney General's office,” he said.

The award is named for former Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley and former New Hampshire Attorney General Louis Wyman.

The annual recipient is sometimes informally referred to as the attorney general of the year.

Fox was elected in 2012 and is wrapping up his second term as Montana’s Attorney General.


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