The Hamilton Police responded to a vehicle accident this morning, March 23, when a car crashed through a wall and injured three people.

"The accident happened on Old Corvallis Road at the Ravalli County Council on Aging Building," said Hamilton Police Lieutenant Steve Snavely. "The vehicle drove through the wall of the kitchen area, where they prepare the meals. The driver of the vehicle and a passenger were injured as well as a cook that was in the kitchen ."

The car was still running when officers arrived and gas lines were quickly shut off. Apparently, the car must have been going pretty fast, due to the amount of damage.

"The car had to be towed out of the building, it was completely inside the building. I would say it was totaled. It actually moved a, I believe they say it was, a 330 pound stove from one end of the kitchen to the other."

Officers are still investigating what led to the crash. There is not a major roadway leading near the kitchen side of the building, so the car would have had to go to go through the parking lot.