First off, this is not my opinion. This is a "study" put together by a different website that looked at the worst city to live in every state.

The website 24/7 Wall St compiled the list by looking at each city or town or village or any community's quality of life. Quality of life was determined by a number of factors.

  • Crime rates
  • Unemployment rates
  • Home values
  • Median household incomes
  • Drug-related mortality rates
  • Poverty rates

The information was collected from the Census Bureau, FBI, CDC and other government sites.

Before we get to the worst town in Montana, again not my opinion, here are the 8 cheapest towns in Montana. In case you're ready to stop paying a billion dollars on rent!

These are the Top 8 Cheapest Towns To Live In, In Montana

Have you been contemplating moving to Montana? Maybe you already live here and the town has gotten so expensive you are having to relocate by no fault of your own. The good news, you can stay in Montana by moving to one of the cheapest towns in Montana.

PropertyClub.NYC has announced its 2023 list of the 8 cheapest Montana towns.

Gallery Credit: megan shaul

Montana's worst city to live in is... Helena Valley Southeast

Helena Valley Southeast's poverty rate was 3% higher than the state average. Its median home value was 37 thousand dollars less than Montana's average.

Those are the negatives against Helena Valley Southeast, but there are some positives like the household income being 3 thousand dollars higher than the state's average and its drug-induced mortality is lower than the state, so I'm not sure how the list settled on Helena Valley Southeast as the worst city to live in.

Some other notable states worst cities to live in include:

Blackfoot, Idaho

Blackfoot's poverty rate is 2% higher than the state's average and a median home value is almost 100 thousand dollars less than the statewide average.

Kelso, Washington

Kelso's median home value is an alarming 200 thousand dollars less than the median house value.

Riverton, Wyoming

Drug-induced mortality is high in Riverton. 39 deaths per 100,000, over double the state average.

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